About R. Craig Sautter

R. Craig Sautter is the author or coauthor of eight books, including Philadelphia Presidential Conventions (1856-2000), December Press, 2000; The Wicked City: Chicago from Kenna to Capone (with Curt Johnson), DaCapo Press, 1998; Inside the Wigwam: Chicago Presidential Conventions 1860-1996 (with Edward M. Burke), Wild Onion Books/Loyola Press, 1996; Floyd Dell: Essays from the Friday Literary Review 1909-1913, December Press, 1995; Smart Schools, Smart Kids (with former New York Times education editor Edward B. Fiske and Sally Reed), Simon & Schuster, 1991; Expresslanes Through The Inevitable City (poems), December Press, 1991, (several poems from this collection were performed by a lead character in the movie "Wild Blue Moon," 1992, directed by Francesca Fisher & Taggart Seigel, which premiered at the Chicago International Film Festival); Who Got In? College Bound's National Survey of College Admissions Trends, Vol. 1- 17, 1986-2002, (Ed.), College Bound Publications, Inc.; and The Power of the Ballot: A Handbook for Black Political Participation, (staff project), National Urban League, 1973.

Over the years, his lyrical and experimental poems also appeared in literary magazines from Assembling and MC to Central Park and the Madison Review, and in art shows in New York City and Israel. His education and technology articles have been printed in publications ranging from The New York Times and Chicago Tribune to the Phi Delta Kappan, Instructor, CitySchools, and Midwest Living.

Sautter wrote position papers and other material for the historic 1983 campaign of Mayor Harold Washington. He co-wrote "An Agenda for the Reform of Chicago Public Schools," the final report of the Mayor's (Washington/Sawyer) Education Summit, with Sally Reed and Bernard LaCour, City of Chicago, 1988, as well as the briefing paper from the Mayor's Summit to the Illinois State Legislature with recommendations for Chicago School Reform legislation, subsequently enacted. He is also publisher and editor of College Bound: Issues & Trends for the College Admissions Advisor (and its Internet edition at, an award-winning newsletter with high school and college subscribers from coast to coast and in more than 40 nations.

Since 1981, Sautter has taught courses in philosophy, politics, history, literature, and creative writing at DePaul University's School for New Learning, and has been presented with several teaching awards. He lectured on history and politics at the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Pennsylvania. He has written academic articles for Teaching Philosophy, MidAmerica, and elsewhere. For several years, he served as "Poet-in-Residence" for 36 schools in Upstate New York, and for the Illinois Arts Council, conducting creative writing workshops with over 20,000 students grades k-12. He also coordinated summer evening literacy programs in 16 remote migratory camps for the State University of New York at Geneseo. His teaching career began with third graders from Harlem in New York City in 1969.

Since 1992, Sautter has written and produced scores of TV and radio ads, speeches, and other materials (with his brother, Chris Sautter) for Sautter Communications: Political Strategy & Media, Washington, DC and Chicago, for candidates running for political offices ranging from Congress to governor in states across the nation. During the civil rights movement in the early 1970s, he traveled across the country as a field-coordinator for the National Urban League's Voter Registration/Political Education Project. He also has appeared on radio and television as a political commentator.

Sautter is currently president of the Society of Midland Authors and resides in Chicago.

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